Wet Carpet Sydney


Wet Carpet Sydney and Floors is an emergency situation. Our priority is to get you back to normality as fast as possible with minimal disruption. Water flood affecting carpet and other floor coverings is among the most difficult situations faced by a homeowner or building manager.


Wet carpet is only half as durable as dry carpet, and if you attempt to manipulate it, there is a very good chance that you will cause irreversible damage. Water extraction is a time-sensitive process. The quicker you can begin the water extraction process, the better. Standing water can not only cause severe damage to carpeting, walls, floorboards, and furniture, but it can also create a perfect environment for the development of mould.


Our extractors remove water in a process referred to as "top-down" drying. This simply means that the extractor runs over the surface of the carpeting and dries wet carpet without having to remove either the carpeting or the padding. We are ready and experienced to respond quickly. A timely and appropriate response to water ingress can reduce costs and property damage.


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